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Bader IR pass filter 685nm

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I am looking to improve my lunar photos and was wondering if a Bader IR pass filter 685nm would help me? I use a skywatcher 200p with a ZWO ASI 120 MC camera and a Telvue x2 barlow. All on a HEQ5pro mount.  In the future Im looking to upgrade to a Celestron 9.25 and a ZWO 290mm Mono camera for lunar work.

Thanks fopr any advice.

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Yes it definitely will. I find my gray scale lunar images to be much sharper and more detailed when imaging the moon through the Baader IR Pass685 filter.


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Add to above.... the IR pass filter will help the you to capture the more stable wavelength of light coming through the atmosphere since near infra red is a longer wavelength and is much less effected by the atmosphere, allowing better quality signal to reach your CCD.


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3 hours ago, Rob Astro said:

Thanks very much for the reply, just to be clear it will also help with a one shot colour camera?


NO...I was talking about a mono CCD, in my case it the DMK21au618 and DMK41au20 CCDs... With a OSC it will severely limit the performance of the sensor since it's only using 25% of the pixels and all through the red bayer filter... I tried IRPass through my Skyris 618C and it was actually terrible.... at least worse with the filter using a color camera.

If you're using a color sensor than I'd hold off on the IRPass until you're capturing planets or the moon using a mono sensor.


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