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Clouded in again?


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I take it that we are all stuck inside, praying that the Cloud God will go on his holidays soon.

Still it has generated some good threads and provided us all with a good laugh.

Anybody got a patch of clear sky, I have glimpsed the moon through a 10 sec break in the clouds.

Forecast for up here aint to good for a long time, just knew this would happen, scope should be here next week.

Nabban :lol::) :) :clouds1:and more :)

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Hi Nabban,

Rain stop play again here mate don't think it's stopped raining properlly all week :shock: apart from testing some binos out for all of 10 mins or so but i guess iam just spoilt hehe.


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Please accept my apologies. The rain and cloud is entirely my fault. I took receipt of a WO Megrez II SD 80mm semi-apo yesterday - so expect rain for the next

week or so :lol:

Once I get a chance to actually look through it, I will send a report of how it rates.


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It's not stopped raining here for 48 hours :lol:

My lawn is like a swimming pool. My dogs look like drowned rats and they are too stupid to come inside. My missus is miserable because she can't garden. Im miserable because my scope is an expensive scupture in the study.

Blah. Roll on summer i say!

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Had a few holes in the cloud earlier.

Decided just to use the Mk1 eyeball tonight. It was enjoyable just to look at the Moon.

The clouds rolled back in so I've been working on my presentation too the Astro Soc for next week.



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