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Morning all

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Just thought I would check in and say hello to everyone.

Spotted the ECD club last night whilst imaging, or as I would call it 'fighting with my guiding'. Why is it one night it works great and the next night it just goes to pieces?



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On the plus side ... it does work some nights 🙂 I think the AV X is a fairly 'luck of the draw' mount, some good / some awful. I've been fairly lucky with mine til it sat unused for a year + due to a gammy shoulder, it was stiff as a stiff thing form planet stiff on national stiff day (the mount and the shoulder)

Just stripped and cleaned it, seems much better now, just need to try it out.

It used to be pretty active on here but over the years it's died a death. I'm still here !

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The weather is awful...and now heading back to work from the 17th. Lets try and get out at least once a month I say. I wanted to continue on the lunar and planetary, as well as try the guiding etc. Might need a new lighter mount. What's is the playing field now in terms of small mounts with good guiding. AVX or CGX or Ioptron?

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