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Mike JW

Draco - Arp 310 and 311, 293

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Last night I manged to grab a 45 minute session and visit some Draco Arps. Arp 310 and 311 are in the same fov and are odd in that Arp 311 (galaxy group classification) includes Arp 310 ( an interacting pair)

Arp 310 is the top two galaxies - IC 1259 and Arp 311 is all four galaxies.


image.thumb.png.5a36d26db0b8a59e77795c50e5826f4a.png                            1249813130_Arp310and311.png.f1c90cd80bbb693e6d708fed0e63ad77.png
Arp 293 is classed as galaxies with wind effect (as if a wind is blowing stars away from the galaxy). They are actually interacting and I just caught the tidal stream between the two. NGC 6286 (on the left) is possibly in the process of forming a ring structure, which might explain why the two arms are slightly off set (just got a hint of this). A bit of noise in this shot - claggy skies and dust spots did not help.



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Very nice shots. Arp 293, esp NGC 6286, is really interesting. I've seen this kind of galaxy before on the Arp list but can't quite place it. Its like one tectonic plate sliding under the other somehow.

Here's mine of the Arp 310/311 pairing from some time ago (but almost the same exposure, and using 15s subs too). There's a whole load of faint galaxy smudges here. Of course, now the full moon has past it is cloudy here...




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Hi Martin, Thanks for posting your shot.  I tend to lose some of the faint smudges as I tweak the settings to remove noise. Lately I have been noting at what point it does not seem worth stacking anymore subs. It seems to me that beyond 20 there is little improvement?  As you say now that the moon had got out of the way the skies are cloudy, frequently triggered by the ever increasing aircraft con-trails. No astro dark now until early August.

I like your description of tectonic plates sliding under each other - a new class description for galaxies????


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