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George Gearless

150 Mak vs 180Mak. Decisions decisions...

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5 minutes ago, johninderby said:

*SNIP* short term pain for long term gain *SNIP*.

Pretty much sums up my deliberations. :)

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4 hours ago, George Gearless said:

I did consider your recommendation. You supplied me with a precise answer to the question. Alas, not the one I was hoping for 😀.

Here's my reasoning for going with the 180 afterall.

An EQ6 would definately be more suitable for this telescope. Looking at the numbers on the datasheets, it's hard to disagree that I am juuuust hanging on with my fingernails. However, I am not fincancialy capable of buying both at the same time. In time I will be getting the EQ6. Some time in the future. But for now, I have to make a choice. Even if I am just scraping along, I feel confident that I will be getting a lot of useful viewing time out of it with my current mount. And here's the clinching argument: When I do get a better mount, I won't be 'stuck' with a 150 Mak and feel that I have compromized. I just know I will be kicking myself.

If all goes well, I can probably afford a better mount in time for the next winter season to start. Worst case, it'll be next year. In the mean time I don't think my setup is completely useless. It's just not as good as it can be.

The good thing George is that either a HEQ5 Pro or Eq6 even an AZ EQ 6, there are plenty of them about and all come up secondhand. Sadly weight prevents sending them far and often collection is the best option. I did actually sell my HEQ 5 Pro to someone in the UK and sent it via courier for 26 quid, though as agreed with only 1 counterweight as it was sold with even though I had 2. I see the value of going for the 180mm, it will make you save harder but consider S/H, it is a shame I am not in the UK as I said my 180mm is not doing enough work, and even though I have sent most things via courier, a telescope is not one of them.  Good luck.


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Use the scope now and let us know, confirm about the issues, test it first and then judge later, if you can manage to keep the target in the view for at least 2 minutes then you are fine, most of my images are up to 3 minutes only, so it isn't a big deal, mostly with the moon because we have a good seeing i sometimes don't go more than 1 minute video anyway.

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