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Need help with Fov...


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Took this stack under high cloud last night after hacking together a new finder for my static eeva rig out of a 6x30 Celestron Ler finderscope objective a 25mm binocular objective for use as a reducer and an infra red blocking filter, should be 4.6 x 2.6° but not sure I couldent see hardly any stars visible with the high cloud and just took the stack blind on a camera tripod outside while sitting in my kitchen as the low temps last night were more like winter. So target area unknown to me/would like to know. Field of view unknown/would also like to know.

The original image is 1936x1096 and because its a static livestack png the crop removed the under exposed overlap leaving 1655x1018, I did the crop and a quick edit on my phone to help bring the details for identifcation purposes.

My system for eeva is static so just like manual visual observing I need a good magnified finder as the laser often only gets me close and this should speed things up. It can also be a fair eeva wide field set up I am discovering and already thinking I could start a stack on it as soon as a target is located then while busy making ajustments to the main scope camera I can toggle back and have a look after starting the main scope stacking application.

Any help would be great, this is all quite new to me, I know I've chosen methods that are uncommon so please bear with me here.





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You can use nova.astrometry.net to do some blind plate solving and check the target, scale and FOV of your setup. I uploaded your image and here are the results http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/2836462#annotated

Center (RA, Dec):    (358.887, 56.557)
Center (RA, hms):    23h 55m 32.816s
Center (Dec, dms):    +56° 33' 24.627"
Size:    4.35 x 2.67 deg
Radius:    2.551 deg
Pixel scale:    9.45 arcsec/pixel
Orientation:    Up is 343 degrees E of N

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