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Just spent 4 hours resurrecting my AVX mount, it had become so stuff in RA it just wouldn't track at all. Googled as much as I could find and used the http://rocketsparrow.blogspot.com/2017/01/how-i-made-better-celestron-avx.html?m=1 as a guide.

Decided to use a bearing as discussed in thread. I chose the https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p503131/32007-Premier-Budget-Metric-Single-Row-Taper-Roller-Bearing-35x62x18mm/product_info.html?backstep=1 as the dimensions were perfect ( almost perfect, bearing is 2mm too thick but works fine)

Cleaned all the gungy grease off and used thin layers of superlube.

It's so much smoother now and I can actually balance the mount.

Only problems I had were the 2 bolts that hold the RA and Dec assembly together stripped the mount ! Soft cast ally by the looks of it but there are 4 holes for 2 bolts (almost like Skywatcher knew 😂) and refitting the motor worm assembly is tedious to get backlash adjusted .

Can't wait to try it out.

Ps the new bearing wouldn't quite fit til I put the mount in the oven @ 80 degrees and the bearing in the freezer for 5 minutes.

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Well, it works 👍 guiding was a bit hit and miss but hopefully can be tweaked a bit ... Forgot to set up East heavy in my haste to see if it survived my surgery , Dec guiding spot on ( was reasonable before operation) Ra was up and down just above the 3 px mark on the graph.

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Finally had a chance to play with it , no imaging just watching guiding.

Wonder if any PHD gurus would take a look as I'm not really sure what the numbers mean.

PA was excellent according to Sharpcap but not so in PHD2. Wonder if it's because Polaris just clears my roof so pretty unsettled air where I'm polar aligning.

The wonky calibration is (I'm guessing) due to the mount not knowing where it was pointing as only PA'd and no star alignment.

Very slightly East heavy using finder guider

Comments gratefully received.





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I do not have any answer to your guide problems :(

But this thread came up when searching for the AVX mount here. I bought a used one. Planned to use for imaging.

But as it behaves now, not even sure it is possible. For now I have a 115mm F7 triplet apo weighing 6.4kg (plus diagonal and EPs).

When observing, when going over 100x and up, an oscillation/vibration starts to be visible. At first I thought it was wind or hard ground that caused some kind of resonance. But today with almost no wind and setup on softer ground, this issue still present itself. Causing problems to come to a satisfying focus because the image wobbles. This happens while tracking. 

Almost impossible to get a sharp image of stars in high magnification. The problem was not there an earlier day when I just set the mount up and pointed to polaris. No tracking, didnt even turn the mount on. There was also some wind.

I removed covers over ra and dec to take a look at drive+wormwheel earlier but they were nicely tight so didn't touch anything.

Also relieved tensionring a little for ra axis. But still has some stickyness. Does not move very smoothly. Dec axis is fine though, tips over by itself when just unclutching and touch it with finger.

Not sure if this has helped though, maybe a little but just had a short session on Venus today, already hard to focus on. But did think I saw the same vibrations. Will have to have a longer session to evaluate if it did anything at all.

I notice the symptoms when both tracking lunar and tracking sidereal. And being new to eq mounts I am not sure which axis is causing the problem.

Been checking a few dissasembly pages and post, but havent quite plucked up the courage to go ahead. I am sure the mount could benefit from removal av the hard sticky overabundant factory grease, as well as checking for burrs and some light polishing. 

I've seen other complaints about this oscillation too. For now I just want to be able to observ with my mount and my new apo :(

And am beginning to regret that I didn't choose another mount.

Do anyone know what causes this problem and has any advice where to start?

As said, been checking some of this pages about dissasembly but feels that they're not covering every exact step.. so that scares me off a little.

I have allen keys, 1.27 to 1.5mm, and from 3 or 4mm up to 10mm. And pliers and sidecutters and lots of torx bits as well as screwbits both crossed and straight ones.


So tools are not a problem. But still would appreciate some advice..

Going to order a tube of superlube soon. As a start I will degrease and regrease the drives and wormwheel and see if it does any difference. But I suspect the problem comes from within the axis assemblies themselves.

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    • By alexbb
      Recently I opened my AZ-EQ5 mount for adjusting and greasing.
      I did not find any complete tutorial for this nor worm or bearings dimensions. I plan to replace some of those if I have the chance.
      Meanwhile, I will add some pics of the disassembly process.
      Open the plastic top case. Please excuse the USB hub attached, I did not remove that.

        Pull out the cable connectors. Put the top case with the controller board aside.

        The bolt inside the green circle can help you remembering or adjusting the belt tension. Loosen down the RA motor screws. Remove the belt. Unscrew the bolts. Remove the motor.

        The bolts inside the green circles can help you remember and adjust the worm distance to the RA main gear. Remove the bolts holding the worm case.

        Parts: RA main gear, worm case.

        Remove the screws holding the encoder board. You get access to the nut holding the worm in place. Remove this too.

        Remove the bolts inside the driving gear attached to the worm. Sorry, not the best pic.

        You can now proceed to push out the worm and the bearings. No pics for this, sorry.
      The bearings are 688Z, 16mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter, 5mm width.
      Worm dimensions measured with the caliper: 69mm, 36mm.
      Hope someone finds this useful.
      I'd be interested if the worm is identical to the ones used in the HEQ5.
      Clear skies!
    • By adarshajoisa
      Hi SGL,
      It's been a while since I've posted here. A friend and I are modifying my 16" lightbridge to an ultra compact design. Our plan is to go observing to the Indian Astronomical Observatory in the Himalayas next month, for a week. To make the scope portable, we're redesigning the primary cage and the rocker box. For the altitude bearing, we're unable to find any alternatives for Ebony Star (50) laminate. From what I've heard, it's currently out of production. Here in India, it's close to impossible to get laminates in small quantities. They only sell huge sheets of it, which we won't need. Do you know of any alternates for Ebony Star? Are there any retailers who sell small quantities for ATM? I have a friend who'll be travelling back from the US at the end of this month, so if I can order something there, he'd be able to get it back to India. We're quite short on time, so we don't have the luxury of experimenting with locally available laminates to achieve ideal stiction with teflon. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    • By Arc minute
      Hi all
      I'm currently in process of maintaining my eq6 mount and noticed that my ra axis worm gear carrier roller bearing(s) have a  bind to them when turning the motor gear. There is a definite stop when turning the gear slowly. It seems that both of the roller bearings at the end of the worm carrier rod  would need replacing (see pic below, of the  bearings that I mean). 
      Have others noticed same thing? Does anyone know the item/skf number for these bearings so I could search for replacements from local shops?
      Btw the worm gear in both dec and ra axis were covered with huge amount of very sticky black grease and it has been a pain to clean this off. It sticks and stains everything, there are black stains all over the place ?
      Thanks for the help!

      Hey Guys,
      I have been a fan of the band called 'Public Service Broadcasting' for a long time now, since their first album in fact and just wondered if would be a band some of you may enjoy. They do not use live microphone vocals but instead use a variety of older audio and video clips from history to create beautiful songs with a real feel of nostalgia. They mainly focus on big events in history such as the war, invention of colour TV's, stereo sound and cars. I saw them live at the Norwich OPEN last year and they were definitely one of the best bands I've ever seen, personally. Their stage was supported by the Sputnik satellite which flew above the band members during the performance. I hope you can take a small amount of your time to just check their music out a second, if you haven't already before. 

      Their most recent album, 'The Race For Space' may be something of interest as they create music inspired by the space race back from the 60's. Definitely up my alley, so maybe it will be up yours too!

      Here are a few of their songs that I personally find incredible:
    • By 101nut
      Just a quick comment on the service I've received from Steve Collingwood at SCTelescopes.
      I had a 14" Meade LX200 which had developed a very serious intermittent fault with its electronics. By arrangement, I took the scope to Steve today for him to look at as he is a trained Meade service engineer with many years experience behind him.
      He offered to work on the scope while I waited since I had a 260 mile round trip and it would potentially save me a second journey to collect the scope. In addition I would provide a second pair of hands as the 14" is a good weight to manhandle. That suited me fine so work began.
      The electronic faults were investigated and fixed. The scope was then thoroughly cleaned and serviced to a good standard. Normally Steve would accurately collimate the scope before it left the workshop but, as it was going to be bounced around in the back of a car for several hours, we agreed it probably wasn't worth as it would be better done once remounted in the dome. Even so, Steve had a quick check for any obvious misalignment before letting the unit leave. 
      Steve was a very pleasant and knowledgeable chap with a good, traditional approach to and appreciation of quality engineering. The final price was reasonable, the work quality good and, most importantly, the tea was nice!
      All-in-all a good experience.
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