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observe or film?


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Id say each to there own and so long as your happy with what your doing who cares? i think some wires were crossed along the way and we should just be happy that people are happy with what they do...

James :lol:

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well depends if imaging is not what ppl want then whats the point i say ,

Rog ,

I,m really fed up now

wish i not read this thread lol

Dont be fed up and dont take peoples comments to heart. As has been said here before, it's YOUR hobby and you can do what you like with it. Some people like to image, others dont. Just take as much enjoyment from it as you can!

At the end of the day, nobody on gods green earth can tell you that you're wrong! There are no right and wrong answers.

Chin up!

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As others have said on this thread - It's horses for courses. Some people get a kick out of imaging, others out of observing. It doesn't have to be one or the other. There have been some superb images on this Forum recently .... and some excellent observing reports - surely we can enjoy it all. As was said earlier, this is supposed to be a hobby - let's have fun, not get hung up on which aspect of our hobby is the "best".


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One of the reasone's how I found this forum in the first place, was to find out what other's were doing in the hobby.

& that was to look at the image's of object's people were taking so I could relate to it at the EP.

At the moment I feel I have progressed no end,not just at the EP but the way I record what I have seen.

Being set little challenges etc,I personally do little sketches of what I've seen(all be it,not very good).So I think we all have our own way's of doing thing's...And yes I will eventually image,but not just yet!

Keep them coming guy's and gal's cos my puter is slowly filling up with some great images.(Another side of the way I do thing's)

Mick :lol:

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Firstly let me say what a great thread this is because we have had

a few passionate points of view put forward buy some dedicated people.

WH you have expressed your point of view and preference as where

visual observing and looking at images are concerned, and a respected

point of view it is.

ROG you have expressed your passion for imaging and passing your

knowledge on to others, also a respected point of view.

Some of us have agreed with WH some of us have agreed with Rog.

But lets not forget that without the likes of WH's / Rog's and everyone else's input and point of view this would be a lesser forum.

Nice one. (Everyone)

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Can't agree more Skyguy,

Also Mick.G., I have been gawking on & off at the night sky for more years than I care to remember, until I found this forum, having looked at others on the net, I have been inspired to take a more positive approach and do something about it. For this I thank you all. Some off the threads can get a bit tedious, ok, thats being human, some are really inforamtive, others are just one heck of a laugh. All good in their own way.

As for what my wife thinks, she thinks I am looking at prawn sites!! :lol:


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My wife thinks we're all a bunch of sad gits anyway

my wife would back your wife 100% on that!

Rog, try not to take it to heart (i'm a fine one saying that), everyone has a personal preference. And lets face it, taken on a time basis, whether we do visual or imaging, both only account for about 1% of our time doing this hobby. The rest is spent sitting on a forum talking the good talk or just looking at clouds wishing they would go away.

I personally only do the imaging for my own satisfaction. I know in the scheme of things, my images are pretty damn awful. A quick search of the web turns up some real fine images taken by amatuers. But the thing with my images is I took them. I captured, froze in time, that light that had taken millions of years to reach my camera. I captured a distant object that average Joe just couldn't comprehend. Plus in the process of capturing that image I did everything the visual observers does....i tracked the object down, eyeballed it in the eyepiece and made a mental note. I have all the satisfaction they have plus I have a whole load more satisfaction (plus image) that they don't.

As do you Rog.


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I think its about time this 'sad geeky image' as its called is laid to rest, I for one don't feel a geek or sad, and I haven't met any gits yet....  :lol:

Allow me to introduce myself....

Captain Chaos

PS Actually going to Cazville tomorrow, Woden Road, to fix a frying machine. Small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!

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Well, I wish I could do the visual thing more but I have an astigmatism in both eyes and so cannot see stars as points - rather as twinkly spikey things. So I take pix insted and then I can see them properly. Simple :lol:


PS - and I make the cameras too but that's another story...

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Well, I wish I could do the visual thing more but I have an astigmatism in both eyes and so cannot see stars as points - rather as twinkly spikey things. So I take pix insted and then I can see them properly. Simple :lol:

Ah, is that why we see you images as twinkly spikey things :) :)

Agreed Caz, I don't even own an anorak :)

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This has been an interesting thread to read.

My view is that I woouls like to do both as I progress in this hobby.

I currently enjoy visual observing as it fits with my main area of interest. But I do take images, not in the sames class as Rog et al.

I started taking the afocal images just to see if it could be done and when some of the results were ok I realised that with an accurate description attached they were just a valid record of my observing session as my sketch/notebook. I have compared 2 images I took of the Mare Nectaris using the Nokia the change in the position of the terminator and the libration of the Moon make these 2 images show subtle changes that I would have missed with visual observing.

I for one enjoy looking at the fantastic images that all the imagers post on this site and I also enjoy the interesting and amusing visual reports posted so keep them coming.



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