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How do you "FIND" your objects?

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"Finding Objects" (as in telescope finder) may be a more general question. 
But perhaps there are some interesting ideas used by EEVA Enthusiasts? ?

Recently I (finally) finished "improving" a VIDEO Finder for my 8" f/4 Newt.
The finder is a cut down (beware the angle grinder!) standard 50mm finder
plus a machined down 2" - 1.25" inch adapter. The Camera a Watec 902H2.



I decided to reduce off-axis loading on my HEQ5 by mounting the finder
(conterweights) pannier-style below the scope using the aluminium bar:


Using an HEQ5 plus EQMod, I only need to find ONE (very first) star!
But as an "EEVA Nerd" I like to do such things "electronically" rather 
than visually... Any kindred spirits on this forum?

From my own experience, I find that you need to have "reasonable"
ratios between the fields of Finder & Main scope - Particularly if you
want to operate the whole system "remotely". And I am not *overly*
fond of the 3-point screw guide scope rings? My ideal would be:


But I'd have to "Save my Pennies" for that one!?! ?

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Not a question I anticipated? I do find plate solving very impressive though! ?

I did casually wonder if EEVA-ers used a different techniques for "finding" or
aligning scopes / mounts. But I note (modern) EEVA using RT stacking tends 
to place observer + computer alongside the scope! I (of course) still operate
remotely (Watec cameras via 30m coax cables / mount control via Cat6 etc.) ?

If anyone is still follows me(!), I frequently change scopes I use on the HEQ5.
I am moving more towards a pairing a specific scope with a specific finder...
The focal length of each video finder then being optimised for its scope. The 
finders would, of course SHARE the one video camera... I'm not THAT rich! ?

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I have an HEQ5 too and normally sync on a star nearby my target and then GOTO and it's normally there.  Sometimes finding the alignment stars can be a bit of a pain though.  My finderscope is my guidescope and for locating the right place there is nothing better than having your eye behind the finder. 


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I chose the EEVA because I like simple things, so I use alignment to a one star close to the object I'm going to visit and center this allign star  with a 50/205 mm finder + an illuminated eyepiece of 26 mm.
I also do not like the 6-bolt fastening system because the finder moves too easily.

I've tried and rejected all laser finders because the red dot shines too much for most alignment stars


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Just using a laser as I'm doing static eeva with a 16'9 chip and aligning the camera with target direction, about a minute of stacking before the alignment stars are lost so if the target requires more light I just dial back the scope and stack another minute. With dark skies and a good camera I am totally getting away with this, amazing how sensitive the cameras are these days. With being disabled this method keeps me in control of the scope as I've always preferred the push to experience, also doing all sky and using an 18-55 lens for wide field while employing live stacking...the all sky shots are pure star insanity from a darksite, too much fun ?

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13 hours ago, Thalestris24 said:

Platesolving! (via SharpCap)  It's pretty much the only option
open to me with a very limited view of my Bortle 9 Sky

Oh My! I feel your pain... ?

13 hours ago, carastro said:

My finderscope is my guidescope and for locating the right place there is
nothing better than having your eye behind the finder. 

I can get that. As a beginner I fixed a 9x50 finder atop my MAK90. More of 
a  "double telescope"? I could find things at 200x on the "main" scope? ?

Also just "exhumed" my favourite Baader "Skysurfer V" RDF. This has the
nice feature of internal adjustment screws against a RIGID finder clamp. ?

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53 minutes ago, Macavity said:

Oh My! I feel your pain... ?


Serves me right for starting AP whilst living near the city centre.! I get better results the clearer the sky. Platesolving makes life easier and gives me more time for actual imaging.


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