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Thanks Gaz, but maybe I should have perhaps persisted a bit longer before assuming that something was wrong! Still, I'm a happy camper again now! Once again, thanks for all the comments and input - it did help!


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Good to hear it's sorted!

believe me I've done worse :oops:

And just for the record I don't think anyone intended any flak to either OV or to Beaconhill (whom I can recommend as a good source of advice in cases like this)

And also for the record,

My hair is recovering nicely and the doctors say I'll be able to take off my hat in six to eight weeks :rr:

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Phew, that's the right result. Glad it all worked out in the end and don't beat yourself up about it. Could happen to anyone, just be pleased that you discovered it yourself!

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If it helps you feel any better, I did the same with an OMC140 some time ago after following the manual. I would have posted, but I read your post as you were doing the adjustments on a star.

I discovered that if you stand in front of the 'scope you can see the reflections and walking back from the 'scope you get where the circles are the same size. This makes centreing the various circles a doddle.

Kaptain Klevtsov

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