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Leo Triplet


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This popular group is famous as the Leo Triplet - a gathering of three magnificent galaxies in one field of view. Crowd pleasers when imaged with even modest telescopes, these galaxies can be introduced individually as NGC 3628 (top), M66 (bottom left), and M65 (bottom right). All three are large spiral galaxies. They tend to look dissimilar because their galactic disks are tilted at different angles to our line of sight. NGC 3628 is seen edge-on, with obscuring dust lanes cutting across the plane of the galaxy, while the disks of M66 and M65 are both inclined enough to show off their spiral structure. Gravitational interactions between galaxies in the group have also left telltale signs, including the warped and inflated disk of NGC 3628 and the drawn out spiral arms of M66. This gorgeous deep view of the region spans about one degree (two full moons) on the sky. The field covers over 500 thousand light-years at the trio's estimated distance of 30 million light-years.



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I had trouble with Ngc 3628 the last time out with my C8. It's edge-on and has a large dust lane which makes it tough.

NGC 3628 Is hard to see only once had i seen it with the Skywatcher 8" f/5 scope :laugh:

It must be as Astroman says, because it is edge on, because it is actually the brightest (slightly) of the three.

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Gaz, i never seen it in the C-R 6" Refractor :shock: saying that you know what i think about that scope........

Do well seeing with a 5" scope..

I live in North Wales mate.....to the west I'm 10 miles from Chester and 30 miles from Liverpool, to the east I'm 100 miles from Dublin! :laugh:

They are easy spots as soon as Leo as cleared the the haze...the views to the east are a dream!!!

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I am hoping to view the triplet next time i am out under Gregs sky :laugh:

I've been using averted vision on the kids for years, so I've had good practice.... :laugh:

Women do have a wider field of vision.

Steve my minds bigger than yours :laugh: :laugh:


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All round yours sat night then? :shock: :laugh:

Still looking for the green with envy smiley :laugh:

You'd always be welcome mate. :laugh:

I have to stop myself moaning about the light pollution as it is, when I see what you and some other guys have to deal with it makes me gratefull as hell.

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I feel for you guys, really. You should take a trip over to the Canary Islands for some really good seeing. It'd be closer than Arizona, and probably just as good. :laugh:

But if you ever make it to Arizona, you have an open invitation to Stone Haven and other dark spots around my state. :laugh:

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