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Hey guys, bout to buy my skywatcher heritage 130p, to make my setup a little bit more portable. I m also intrested in an eyepiece to buy. One in the range of 6-7 mm  and in the price range of 60-80Euros

My three choiches are:

The Exploire scientific 52 degree eyepiece 6.5mm


The Skywatcher UWA Planetary eyepiece 6mm


And the TS Optics High end planetary eyepiece 6mm


Which one do you think i should buy?

Will be using them for mainly planetary observing and some globular observing.



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Which eyepieces do you already own? Have you got any experience to know whether those extra few degrees are important to you? 

If you're happy with 52° then I would probably be inclined to give the 6.5mm ES a go. At a glance reviews of that particular focal length look pretty good.

I suspect the other two eyepieces might be the same lenses in different barrel designs. Apparently, the TS one has a rotating eyecup while the SW is a simpler fold up/down affair. 

Alternatively, astroshop are currently selling the Celestron X-Cel LX series for 90€, which is just over the top end of your budget. I used to have a 7mm and it was a very good eyepiece in my opinion and the most obvious difference between it and more premium eyepieces was the field of view.

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i have the stock eyepieces that came with my 8" dob , a panaview 2" 32mm a BST Starguider 8mm and a BST Barlow 2X

so which out of the three do you think will be the best for me

celestron is way out of budget, since i want to buy a 50euro UHC Explore Scientfic filter too.


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If you like the 8mm BST Starguider, what about trying the 5mm BST SG?  It's cheaper than the other options and likely as good or better than the Planetary options.  You might want to read this comparison of four variations on the TMB Planetary eyepiece design, including the original.  The ES-52 line is quite new, but getting good reviews assuming you don't get a defective one and have to have it swapped for a good one.

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Given you have an 8mm BST already, I'd add the 5mm BST to that. In your 200mm it would give you x240 which is just about right as a maximum.

If you feel x240 is too much, then you could use a 12mm with your x2 Barlow to give x200. The 12mm on its own at x100 would be useful too.

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I find the 10 mm eyepiece that came with my telescope to be adequate. I wish to get the six minute with the skywatcher for 200 times magnification and occasionally 400 only on the best nights every year,for seeing saturn the moon mars and more.

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    • By alanjgreen
      Wanted: TeleVue Ethos 6mm eyepiece
      Must be in excellent condition with original TeleVue box and end caps.
      Ideally it will have the small screw that fits into the side.

      I would need to see photos of your eyepiece before making a decision to buy.
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    • By Neil Mack
      Looking for a 6mm eyepiece for planetary and double star stuff.
      Instinct and habitat would generally make me go for the orthoscopic; but there are good reports of the SLV, and its high eye relief might be welcome in a short focus eyepiece.  John Huntley's review suggested that the Vixen 6mm compared very favourably to the BGO 6mm, and the general view is that the Fujiyama and BGO ortho  ranges are similar in quality.
      But has anyone actually directly compared the Vixen and Fujiyama?
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      Hi guys,
      I have a Skywatcher Heritage 130p and I am looking for an upgrade to /additional eyepieces, mainly for planetary and lunar viewing. 
      At the moment I have my eye on 2 eyepieces - a 6mm66º uwa 'gold line' eyepiece for about £20-30, and an 18mm Baader ortho eyepiece for £50 ish. 
      However, I have recently come across the Celestron eyepiece kit for about the same price (maybe slightly more, but not much) as the 2 eyepieces previously mentioned eyepieces put together. 
      What is the quality of the celestron eyepieces compared to the baader? I've heard that the baader is a good quality eyepiece and one that I wouldn't really have to upgrade in the future. On the other hand, the celestron offers many eyepieces, a barlow and some filters for a great value, but obviously if they are poor quality it may not necessarily be better. 
      I currently only have the 'super' 25mm and 10mm stock eyepieces supplied, and live in the light polluted area of north London.
      Any other suggestions would be great as well, thanks
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