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If your linking from this forum to your image, using the tags, then you will be able to see the image on these forums until you delete it from the Isee Stars site, once you delete it from there it's gone for good, unless you have a backup of it or email me to restore it from the daily backups I make.

If you are linking from these forums to an image that is deleted on the Isee Stars site, you will instead of your deleted image see an image saying "This image has been deleted".

Hope this helps, if you need anymore help then feel free to either PM me or reply here and I'll get back to you asap.



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Hi Jamie as far as i know the image wouldn't appear , when you post on this site the link that you post goes to the image that you want to show, if there is no image on I see stars then the link has nothing to show, so no pic :)


You beat me to it Grant

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