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I have had an issue with the mount of my CPC800. I have noted that sometimes when slewing through a large angle in azimuth the note of the gear noise changes. Also once or twice the target image has taken off to the left while I was preparing to image and even motor speed 3 would not hold it on screen. Also I have once or twice left it unattended for  several minutes and returned to discover that I needed to use the optical finder to recover the target.  This makes me wonder if something is binding.

It still works far better than the 6/8 SE mount, so I am reluctant to send it for repair or open it up without a clear pointer to the nature of the problem and likely fix.  It would be a more serious issue for long exposures/deep space imaging.

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Hi Geoff

Is the ota balanced, 3D system ideally ?

Worth watching the dec mesh with the cover off while slewing at high speed, if it's like a Meade fork mount you have to adjust the mesh tension so as not to bind at the high spots of the gear eccentricity.


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Not a balance problem - this is an alt-azimuth GoTo mount, and it's not on a wedge.  I may take the cover off and inspect the azimuth action  if the problem gets worse. 

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Posted (edited)

My bad, I got my Az and Alts mixed up  !

Too long on a wedge always thinking RA and Dec ..........



Edited by michael8554

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I wondered if it was power related, so I tried a jump start pack and a thicker, lower resistance cable with locking ring at the mount end. Still had the image trying to do a swift exit left on one exposure.

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