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Anne S

Skywatcher eq6

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Posted (edited)

I have an EQ6 Mount for sale. Belt drive fitted by Graham Holmes around 4 years ago. Serviced and bearings replaced just over 2 years ago by Alan Buckman of AWRTech.

This is an early eq6 which originally had an undimmable polarscope. I fitted a dimmer knob not long after I had the mount. A replacement motor control board was fitted in 2012 following the failure of the original board. The hand control has never been updated so is on version 3.12. A warning comes up about the firmware. I've contacted Skywatcher for advice as the handset update programme needs updating before the latest firmware can be installed. I've not used the handset as I control the mount through EQmod.

The Mount has a Geoptik dual saddle plate and upgraded altitude and azimuth adjusters.

Included in the sale:

original tripod

3 standard counterweights and 1 3.5kg counterweight.

2 Eqmod connectors, both made by Hitech Astro.

Polemaster adapter for the mount

Power supply

Downloaded instructions for eq6 and synscan together with some Eqmod downloads and handset update instructions.

Update: I've been informed that this is an early v3 handset and thus has a limit as to how far it can be updated. To update it I suspect you need to obtain earlier update files from Skywatcher. The other option is to use the wireless method and the Synscan app on your phone for controlling the mount. I have tested the mount this morning with the handset and it works fine. See last image of handset pointing at Mercury.

The Mount has lived in a Pulsar Observatory ever since I bought it and has been used for deep sky imaging. 

I am asking £600 for the mount. Collection would be preferred as, although I have a box for the mount head I don't really want to ship all those counterweights! I would be able to travel a reasonable distance to meet up. The deep sky image was taken over 3 nights with 20 minute narrowband subs at the end of February.









Edited by Anne S
Further info regarding handset software
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Hi Anne,  do you have the dimensions for the mount head box?  Also, would it be possible to meet at Cardiff?


Thanks in advance,



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I can't go and measure the box at present, it's in the attic and I've an appointment shortly. I'll measure it later when we get it down. I've no problem with meeting in Cardiff as long as you're definitely buying it. We are a couple of hours away. I'm retired so fairly flexible as to when we could arrange it. I wouldn't be able to ship it as I've only got packaging for the mount head and I dread to think you much it would be to post the counterweights.....

I'll come back to you later.

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Thank you - I've another mount to see on Friday, so don't worry about it until after that. What I'm thinking is rather than drive over from Kent, I could come on the train to Cardiff or Swansea and take it back that way if the head box will fit in one of my suitcases.  I'll let you know after Friday. Many thanks!

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There is a box with the mount head plus handset and original cables, the tripod doesn't have a box and two of the counterweights that came with it plus the other two that I acquired weigh about 18kg. I don't know that you'd be able to carry it, that's why they're so difficult to ship. Anyway let me know after the weekend and I'll send you some measurements.


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