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Mixed bag of delights.

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Waiting for darkness , had a shot at the terminator. Rock steady at x240. Looked like a quad bike had been driving over some of it. Lovely to pick out rills and wrinkles. Huge owl landed on a nearby chimney top.  Then went searching neighbour's conifer , probably scared a blackbird who flew out in alarm, well dark. Well being Sqm 19.05.

Very bright view of NGC 3242 "ghost of Jupiter" in Hydra, really is ghostly. Tried NGC 5856, came across a multiple +6 star, that's it. Eventually ended up with a lovely view of M5 in Serpens Caput. Lovely to resolve the outer, a concentrated core appears in one of the largest and oldest of globular clusters (13 B.years).

Back to binaries as the sky stayed bright with the setting moon. Alkalurops in Bootes gives a lovely triple , the B splits to give 1.8" split. Delta Bootis although wide foes give a yellow and blue. Have at look at Y Canum venaticorum (" La Superba") it's a bright red glowing coal just now. 

In Hercules , tried for IC 4593 a +10.8 planetary Nebula, which blinked well in the star field . Also caught a brighter planetary ,NGC 6210. Almost got caught up in deep sky, before returning to the challenging  red supergiant Rasalgethi and bright Sarin. Some joy in seeking out the faint companions. Got chilly and dome high light cloud moved in . Another thrilling session under 

clear skies !


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Wow you was lucky waiting for darkness here clear as a bell gets to 11.30pm cloud every where really disappointed.

Checked forecast Saturday is only night looking good.

Bootes is placed very nicely for me earlier Leo depends on that lamp if its close to that I have no chance.

Have to research some of those doubles see where they are in respect to the lamp.

Great sketches as usual Nick gives me a good idea I'm looking at the same stars.

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Nice session once again... I have actually been taking sketches as you do during each session .  It really adds a finishing touch to it...

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Glad to see you're still as enthusiastic as ever Nick :)

I grabbed the scope for the first time in years yesterday, and popped in here today to see what was going on - again for the first time in years. Nice to see some old faces still here.

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