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Active sun at last

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First view of the Sun for almost a month, but the wait was worth it. The large sunspot has split into 2 umbra, both within the same penumbra. Plage  and filament activity nearby. There is a large prominence just above this on the oncoming limb and 3 other prominences on this limb. On the Western limb there is another even larger prominence. I will set up for WL and have a close look at the AR. Hope your skies are as clear as mine.

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Bout time too and the sky is clear shame about the wind making imaging difficult.


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Thanks for the heads up. There IS some activity at last.

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Got some nice views in WL using my SW ED 72 and Herschel wedge. The the umbra may not be completely split yet. There are too small spots/pores following the main AR. It will be very interesting to see how this develops, clouds permitting.

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    • By thomasv
      Both little used, 'as new' condition, selling due to change of camera.
      Price incl. shipment: Ha: £99; CLS: £49
      These are compatible with Canon 5D / 6D, etc, here are the links for details on these filters:

    • By ItsEricJones
      This is my first time taking ha and I was wondering if I need more integration time? I also don’t know how to process to well. I am hoping to add OIII but I don’t know if this is a good enough ha image. Any suggestions?
    • By Xiga
      So then, just as i thought the DSO season was well and truly over for me until late August/early September, as it turned out last Saturday night (May 5th) was mostly clear, so i set about trying to finish the NAN image i had captured in Ha a while back (see thread below):
      So all i needed was some OIII. It's obviously not the ideal time of year to capture this i know, as it's so low on the horizon, but beggar's can't be choosers so i tried my best to make the most of the small amount of astro dark time available and just make the best of it.
      In the end i managed 9 subs, two of which were sub-standard due to passing clouds, but as is my want these days i still asked APP to stack them (using the Quality setting) and it didn't seem to affect things. So in total this is:
      Ha: 7 x 480s, 6 x 1200, 13 x 1200 (a little over 7 Hrs)
      OIII: 9 x 1200s (3 Hrs)
      RGB (with IDAS-D1 filter): 20 x 60s
      The usual Flats & Bias, stacked in APP and processed in PS. 
      Gear used: Nikon D5300 (modded); SW 80ED (510mm FL); HEQ5-Pro; SGPro and PHD2. 
      The RGB subs were used solely for the stars. I still need to get better at merging them with the NB channels, i'm not as good as i'd like to be at controlling them. Although in this instance, i did mask the stretching of them, and it definitely helped, but i need to practice this to get better at it. I think the fact that the RGB stack (even at just 20 mins) contained some nebulosity didn't help things. When it's just stars and nothing else, it's so much simpler to combine them.
      So this is just a Version 1 for now (i'll try an sSHO next). I used Ha for Red, OIII for Blue, and used one of Carboni's Actions to synthesize the Green channel. Then went round and round in circles trying to find a colour balance to my liking (on my rubbish monitor!) so i'd love to hear what you guys think. Too dark? Too much saturation? (i tend to do that, lol). I also couldn't decide on orientation, so have included two different ones. Which do you guys prefer?
      All C&C welcome. Don't hold back! I'm always looking for ways to improve. 
      Clear skies!

    • By Davenn
      The Sun in Ha 21 Apr 2018
      Absolutely crap seeing conditions... even the "blue" parts of the sky between the cloud gaps had a high haze.
      Nice new active region (AR2706) with spots and a nice prominence showing a large detached section
      Lunt LS60THa, ASI 1600MM camera and Sharpcap capture software
      Full Disk


      Prominences and nice large detached section
      (haven't seen one that well detached before)

    • By Davenn
      The Sun in Ha 12 Apr 2018
      Reasonably quiet, 3 x small filaments across lower part of disk, some prominences on one limb and a new active region showing a sunspot near the upper left limb ...
      Tho a cloudless sky, the seeing conditions were pretty poor
      Lunt LS60THa and ZWO ASI1600MM
      haven't done any imaging for just over a month. Now that daylight saving has finished, the sun is too low to image by the time
      I get home from work making imaging reliant on clear days in the weekends
      I have been off work all week with Bronchitis and managed to get the scope out today


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