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A little Calculator project, A little help needed.

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Posted (edited)

Years ago I set out to write a little project learning a  little C++ and Qt, coming from  a fortran C background already, not a pro developer, but just in the sciences mainly, it was around the same time I got heavily into visual astronomy. As time went by  I often saw the same questions asked, about calculating magnification, exit pupils and more advanced things. I Discovered along the way there were several websites aound calculating this, that or the other. which inspired me to put it all in a little calculator application, which kept growing over the years. I then left it and did not develop it further for many years but recently got the courage and time  to finish it. I found myself actually using it quite  bit and thought, this may actually be  quite useful for the community and beginners, both for learning basic concepts in visual astronomy to the more advanced things.  To date  date it features

  • Magnitude calculator ( extended object visibility calculations a WIP (much more tricky)
  • calculation of various  properties.  Daw's limit, Magnification exit pupil, to the more obscure things  like the diffraction limited field.
  • Database of many known eyepieces and telescopes.
  • Compare two telescopes and eyepiece combination.
  • Spreadsheet feature.
  • Enter your own telescopes and eyepieces.
  • Ocular viewer with a few example objects.
  • Interactive graphs for various telescope properties, with zoom + changing values on  the fly  (displayed in the graphs in real time via user controls)

and more stuff.


I was wondering if I can have a volunteer at this point, to just test ( for packaging reasons) that if it will run on another windows machine or if I am missing any dependencies. You do not need to be expert but familiar with basic computer operation. files and folders, how to extract contents from a zip files and just see if it runs.

I'll do a proper installer later.  Thanks

It'll be some time for a proper release, hobbies have no deadlines  ?





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Looks impressive,

I'd be happy to take it for a test drive.

I run Win 10 Home 1803 on an old Lenovo laptop 2.1Ghz Celeron 4GB RAM

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