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M106 L(haR)GB Atik314 127mm triplet

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M106 L(haR)GB. On Saturday 23rd March, I was able to capture 3hrs of Hydrongen Alpha data on M106 ( The Splendid Galaxy ) in the hope of picking up some of the Ha Jets in the spiral arms and the h2 star forming regions to add to my previous LRGB version.

 Total exposure is about 7hrs. Imaged with my Atik 314L CCD & Meade series 5000 127mm F7.5 triplet refractor. guided, captured, stacked & pre processed in MaximDL final processing in Photoshop. No Darks No Flats.



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Very nice image and the jets are there! I think they would be more prominent if you just rotated the image 180°, which appears to be the most common orientation of images of M106.

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On 03/04/2019 at 19:18, ollypenrice said:

The jet is there. No question.


Thanks Olly, I may come back to this and hit it with 20 min Ha subs.

P.S. is there any trick to uploading images on SGL these days, I haven't been on here in quite a while, but have noticed mine look dramatically different once posted almost like the gamma is being altered. 


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