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Embracing the New(er) EEVA Technology?

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Finally got round to trying my ASI120MM via SharCap... Offline & LIve Stacking
This a rather "faint" M3 using an ED80 / 100x 4sec frames. So it works anyway...
A nice smooth image, pleasingly small stars - But not very deep in magnitude?


By contrast the old Watec 910HX with an 8" Newt:


Brighter! A tad "rough & ready" but not quite as BAD as imagined?

Of course this is not a FAIR test... "Aperture always wins". Plus I am
not convinced MONO8 format uses the full 12/14 bit potential of
the ASI? Must read the manual(s) and do a few more "tests" tho! ? 

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