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Problem with Occult

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Hi guys.

I registered here some time ago, but my activity is not big (let say), so welcome one more time.

I have some problem with the Occult software: since some time after starting the program there was some alert displaying, that my AsteroidElements.dat file is too old. There is some instruction how to update it, but when I tried to follow it, it occurred, that the new version of the file looks different, than the old one. In addition during installing the software from the beginning (in hope, that this will update the file automatically, unfortunately it didn't) I have moved the old version of the file to the trash and removed it permamently. So I can't for example take the new version of file (which I can download from here: https://asteroid.lowell.edu/main/astorb) and change it to the old version with gawk software or in other way.


And now, when I start the program, then some error message is displaying:




After clicking "Continue" it looks like it works normal: if I choose eg. to check Jupiter occultations and choose some date, then I can see the map, but if I try to save it, then another error is displaying:




And I can't do anything.


I have also noticed, that the interface, where I can choose an object to check occultations is empty (apart from planets):





Additionally it claims also, that I have no another file:




My problem is, that I have an old computer, with Windows XP, and a new Occult 4.6 is for 64-bit machines, so I can't install it on my computer. And I have a question: is there someone, who use the old version of Occult software and can share this file through some website, because it is too big to send it? Thank you for your help.

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  You may try contacting Dave Herald to see if he can help you either obtain elements which work with your software, or perhaps better, a provide a utility so that you can download and convert them yourself. The other option is to use Hristo Pavlov's OccultWatcher program, though I don't know if XP is still supported.

  If all else fails, you could request predictions for your locale from the folks at IOTA.

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If it is just asteroid occultations you are after then I also suggest OccultWatcher as well. Although a lunar occultation feed can be selected as well. Near the bottom of the OccultWatcher home page here it does suggest that it can run on xp, however further updates have been implemented so I cant`t say for sure whether the current issue will be xp friendly.

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