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What else can i see?

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Hey guys,just got back from observing and today, i picked up some new DSos.Firstly i went to the usual route,M45,the Hyades and m42 along with m35.After noticing particularly good results, i decided to view a deep sky object that i had failed to observe quite some times. Miraculously,turning to M1,i saw some stars and a barely distinguishable with adverted vision pale blob.I was so excited! Hadn't seen any dso over 6MAg before!(i think so)After some though, seeing that m1 had a magnitude of 8.4 ,i realized i could see quite some more targets than previously expected.(note that i live in a lp city )

So,can you guys recommend me any nice targets to view next?(some galaxies would be neat)


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M81/82 and M51 are surely visible if M1 is.

You should have go at those.

M3/M5 and later in the night M13 should be something to check out. They should all be visible from even strong LP.

Maybe have go at Virgo galaxies as well.

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The Double Cluster in Perseus is a nice one, and so is the Andromeda galaxy M31. If you can see M31 from your location ( it may be a bit low in the north at the moment), but you should also be able to see two satalite galaxies in the same wide field view, M32 and M110.  M13 and M92 in Hercules are both globular clusters you'll be able to see. Also, M57 the ring nebula in Lyra and M27 the Dumbbell nebula in Vulpecula are another couple of bright nebulae. And take a look at the beautiful double star Albireo which is the bottom star in the cross of Cygnus, and appears to my eye as Turquoise and Gold.

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Thanks for the responses! i

I had a go at m81,82 and they appeared quite nice(no structure tho as i live in lp)not dim and not very bright, just right.They were blobs,but very nice blobs.I was wondering if i could maybe spot any of the leo triplet galaxies?I ve seen that they are close to 9.3 mag and thats quite dim.Will i be able to see any one ot the galaxies?Also any other targets worth viewing?

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On 25/03/2019 at 21:01, vlaiv said:

 M51 Is surely visible if M1 is.


Well ive tried many times to locate it but with no success,while easily seeing m81,m82.Why is that?

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54 minutes ago, Kronos831 said:

Well ive tried many times to locate it but with no success,while easily seeing m81,m82.Why is that?

Possibly due to expectations on what it should look like.

If M1 is barely visible, then M51 and it's neighbor galaxy will present themselves as just two cores. They will look star like, but won't be as stars (no flickering). It might look something like:


If you find two cores, and give it a bit of time, you will start to notice slight brightening around them.

It is also smaller target, and if you use 32mm eyepiece (approx with 8" F/6 dob), it will look like this:


Two cores will be close together


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I always enjoy open clusters M35, M37, M36, M38. Globular cluster M3 is an easy find and if you have some aperture it's fun to try and resolve some stars in it.

NGC457 (recognize the Owl?) and Stock 2 ('Muscle Man') are easy to find and fun.

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