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Early Moon In Libra


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I've not been "out" for a while, so on seeing the Moon just after 5am, I grabbed the opportunity.  Luna was waning gibbous, and quite low, west of south.  Just far enough above the fence for me to use the Dob (already cool in its outside Dobhouse).  Since the sky was getting lightish, the glare was not too great, so the short session began, to the splendid choir of several blackbirds.

The terminator skirted the eastern edges of Nectaris, Tranquillitatis, Serenitatis, and Frigoris, and emphasised the ruggedness of the highlands to the south.  North, Aristoteles and Eudoxus led into the Caucasus and Apennine Mountains, then on to Copernicus.

At x64/1.29deg, Theta Lib was shining in the void off the Moon's western limb.  (Jupiter was further east and lower - I missed that, but reckon it was too low for the Dob/fence arrangement.)

Back to Tranquillitatis - crater Theophilus (overlapping the similarly sized Cyrillus) made a good target, with a little shadowing to the west.  The central peaks stood out well in the flat floor, and the stepped terraced walls were clear at x159, 190.  At x212, the view became rather unstable.

After about 40 minutes, the Moon was approaching high trees to the west, so I ended this brief but enjoyable session.  And the blackbirds had given up their spot for the less-talented wood pigeons.


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Glad you got the chance to view Luna!!

My hopes yesterday were ruined by clouds pouring in from the Gulf of Mexico. Then as beautiful the moon was this morning at 2am, I had to work. 

Soon it will be an evening target and my chance will come.

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