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COMPLETED - Wanted: "Telescope Making" magazine missing copies

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I'm looking for any or all of the following 20 issues out of the 46-issue run of "Telescope Making" magazine:

1-5, 13, 14, 22-24, 27, 30, 32, 39-41, 43-46

If you have a full set but don't want to split, I'd be happy to discuss taking them all.



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You may be aware of this but here is the link if you need it https://myscienceshop.com/catalog/downloads  where you could buy pdf downloads of those magazines from Kalmbach . I have bought a few of these pdf s  at times when the contents were of specific interest. Hope this is a help in your quest. Deep Sky magazine was availlable from the same  route and source.?

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Hi Leo, thank you for the suggestion, and yes, Kalmbach was going to be my last resort, although at $4-5 each it would be pricey enough. Anyway, I'd prefer to spend locally, and wherever possible I do like being able to read, scan and instantly flick through a book or magazine.



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