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Color on Mauna Kea Under Full Moon

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Posted (edited)

Hi All,

Had a fun night on Mauna Kea at 9200’ this past Wednesday under the full super moon.  Seeing that big full moon rise in the east was quite impressive with the clear dark skies we have here.   I decided to go for some color views using the SX Ultrastar C and Starlight Live software.  The scope was a Celestron C1100HD with Hyperstar.  560mm focal length at f/2.  Here are a few of the captures from a productive night.

First is Running Man Nebula.  The FOV was wide enough to get both the RM and M43, but the difference in brightness is quite different, so I moved Orion a bit to get just the Running Man and the area between them.




Next was the classic Horsehead and Flame.  Always a favorite.  The moonlight affected this a bit, but it is still impressive to see this region of our galaxy.



Next was one of my favorites, the Rosette.  This FOV focused in a bit more on the central portion, giving a nice view of the central star cluster.




The Monkey Head, NGC 2174, was next.  In Orion it is an interesting object about 6500 ly away.



Not far away is Propus.  Also known as the Jellyfish Nebula, it is in Gemini and is a supernova remnant.E65F302B-846C-494E-9287-50A18FFF4680.thumb.jpeg.e480c57c4c9fb2af64a76cc5f485f669.jpeg


Next, off to Thor’s Helmet.  This is a real tough one to get with limited exposure, but is is very colorful.  An emission Nebula in Canis Major, it is about 12k ly away.



On the Big Island, we are very lucky to be able to see ETA Carinae. It is very low in the southern sky, but is still quite a sight.  It was maybe only six degrees above the horizon on Wednesday.  Here is the famous Keyhole of Eta.



Up a ways in Eta is NGC3324 also called the Garbriela Mistral Nebula named after the Chilean Nobel Prize winner in poetry.  Next to it is the Gem cluster.



As a finale, M42, the most viewed and one of the most wonderous Nebula in our galaxy.






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Absolutely super images, Don.  Sooooo jealous!  Hardly ever a clear sky here these days, and when it is, I don’t get the views that you manage to see.  Thanks for sharing.


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Posted (edited)

Hi. Pure envy.

Gotta love those exposure times. Even with our 8" f4, we're hours away from what you have recorded in just a few minutes. Turns an often tedious hobby into a worthwhile pastime [1]. Tremendous.

[1] we have already left the building!

Edited by alacant
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Not more of your rubbishy images again - first in Mono and now colour (color to you) its getting beyond a joke you should be banned LOL

As others have said about your images  plus you are very very lucky to have access to such a great site.

Keep them coming ?

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