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More details to be announced within the next couple of weeks but, the venue will be Lucksall Caravan Park, Herefordshire and the dates will be:

Main Weekend: Friday 1st November - Sunday 3rd November

Star Party: Thursday 31st October - Thursday 7th November - for those who want to arrive a bit earlier or stay longer.

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That's a shame. Looks like I'm going to miss it this year as that is Mrs Kings birthday weekend and she'll never agree to camping and astronomy for HER birthday. ?

This seems a lot later than the last two years?

Hopefully see you all in 2020 then. 


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Maybe, just maybe this year.

Being retired now I don't have to worry about term dates, though I think this year I'll try to book a pod with 'leccy.

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Hoping to be there . Anyone who'd like an introduction to either basic beginner stargazing or observing binary stars will be most welcome at my eyepiece ,

old Nick.

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Wasn’t planning to go this year, but what the heck. Just booked for 4 nights from Friday till I leave on Tuesday. Also booked for the grub for all nights as it saves messing about in the tent! ;)

Hopefully the weather will play ball, but I’ll pack me wellies just in case!

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Hoping for clear skies for you all!. I will make it one of these years... Darn work tends to take over being IT Dept of 1 now, plus a 7 day work cycle through 2019!.

Have a great time


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