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Polemaster Adapter for Astrophysics Mach1

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I spent a long time waiting for a suitable adapter from QHY for a PoleMaster CCD for my AP Mach1 mount. There were postings from the company that one was on its way, but it never materialised. So, in the end, I came up with my own solution, which others might want to take advantage of. Essentially, I designed an adapter in Onshape and then sent it away to be 3D printed (I don't have a printer). The design works really well and sits over the polar scope exit port, and while it has three holes to accept the thumbscrews of the sliding door, it sits so snuggly it doesn't really need them.



If you open the design in Onshape (using the link above) simply right mouse button click on the tab at the bottom of the screen to export the design in a format suitable for your 3D printer.

Here are some picture of my adapter fitted to my Mach1 mount. As you can see I did fit a QHY PoleMaster adapter for AVX mounts in addition to my adapter. I admit this is a bit over-the-top, but it is convenient for installing and uninstalling the Polemaster camera. If you wanted to save money you could screw the camera directly to my adapter. You could then just push fit the camera and adapter into the polar scope exit port every time you wanted to use it. Like I said it is very snug when I had it printed.

Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures - let's hope my astrophotography is a bit better ??







Hope some Mach1 owners find my design useful - I'd be interested to know if anyone actually prints my design....

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