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UK Observing weather update.


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Well there is so much cloud around again this evening, no real gaps anywhere in the UK of note.

So on to Monday night. NW flow arives as expected but laden with bands of cloud. Some chance of clearer spells to the NW of the UK but that is about it.

Tuesday night sees more frontal cloud spill in from the NW so no joy anywhere I feel.

Wednesday night sees more fronts clearing the north as it gets colder still but again only the north of the UK seeing any clear slots.

Later in the week looks better (for stars) as this bitter arctic flow comes down. The air eventually becomes dryer and opens the possiblity of observing in the rest of the UK but rap up warm!

Sorry i cannot be more positive. :crybaby:

Best plan at the moment is to go to southern europe where things are pretty much clear accross the whole med. :sunny:


Mark Stuart


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Well I am pleased you are finding the gaps, my forecast is a "general" one.

So for tonight the NW flow is setting in behind a cold front currently lying accross the west of Wales and down to the SW. The old possible gaps seems to be for an hour or two behind this band of rain. So nothing tonight for Scotland and Ireland but breaks possible for a few hours over Wales and the SW of the UK shortly and perhaps in England as we go through the night.

The rest of the week is as per my forecast. Best chance of clear slots accross the UK generally is Thursday. So do all those things you need to do to get those browny points to allow you to get a few nights out observing in a row from Thursday / Friday...

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Thanks for the report looks promising. It was clear for the 1st time in 2 weeks here last night but a stinking cold and sore throat stopped me getting out :hello2: So hopefully if the weather picks up later in teh week I should be well enough to take advantage.



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