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Anyone using a Skywatcher Polar HM5 with a Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2


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Anyone using a Skywatcher Polar HM5 with a Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2.  Is the extra cost and complexity a benefit?




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Hi Geoff.

I have the minitrack, but I'm not sure I would benefit from adding a polar scope. While the minitrack can image up to about 300mm, I think it's fair to say it's really designed for wider field use - the tracking (at least on mine) at 200mm+ is usable, but not great, and improved alignment won't help with that. If you're using, say, a 50mm lens then the sight tube is more than accurate enough.

That said, i find it awkward to use. I do have a green laser that I use when aligning my main scope for AP, and find that shining that through the tube makes alignment much easier and more comfortable. Depending on the issue you're looking to solve that might be an option.


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As I suspected,  thanks for the comments.  I was aware of problems using the 'little tube', that is why I asked the question.  My minitrack arrives on Monday so it will b try it and see.

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