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Please help.  Last night I dropped the right ascension motor on my Skywatcher eq3-2 and pulled the wires out of the contector.  Is there someone out there that can give me the correct colour sequence.  Thanks dfv


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6 hours ago, Cosmic Geoff said:

GoTo or non-GoTo?

It is a go to mount.  I got it at All-Star Telescope in Alberta 3 years ago. A retirement gift to myself.  The worst timing ever.  I just found a used Canon 60Da. Thank you for your interest.

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Nobody replying? Perhaps these wires cannot be seen without dismantling the mount. Try searching for a Youtube video of how to assemble the GoTo upgrade kit, or failing that the upgrade kit for an EQ5. With a bit of luck that will show the wires in colour.  


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On 06/03/2019 at 00:40, Cosmic Geoff said:

GoTo or non-GoTo?

Thanks for the suggestion.  What I find annoying is that Sky Watcher is ignoring repeated requests.  Has anyone ever got help from them?  Thanks again.

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