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Astrorotilla Errors.....aaaaaaah!

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Evening folks,

I recently tried to update Astrotortilla after an OS upgrade and since then I'm just getting the below error message.

I've tried installing several times also Cygwin but the same message appears.

Spotted an old post by Gary Jones describing the same thing and fixing it with some of the index files but don't quite follow.

I'm running Windows 8.1 and it used to work on this machine....but not now.

Any tips?



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Are you able to browse to and open that file using the bog standard Windows File Explorer?  If you can, then will need some further delving in.  If not, then that is the cause of the issue you are having.  It will be a Windows file permissions issue

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I have just solved it,I had downloaded the latest 0.7 version but it looks like after upgrading my OS Microsoft C++ wasn't installed so I uninstalled astrotortilla and download the previous version which installs Microsoft C++ 2008 as part of the install and now I'm back up and running.

I tried to download the Microsoft software for 0.7 Astrotortilla but it didn't work.



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      (2 months break due to exceptionally bad weather)

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      Next up: the mystery of tracking with second cam+PHD.... If i live to see the day that we have good weather again.
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