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Maxim DL installation problems


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I’m attempting to reinstall all my astro software on a Windows 10 laptop after the previous dinosaur (XP) gave up the ghost. The only problematic software appears to be Maxim DL. I have the original Maxim DL v4. something CD and a plethora of License Key upgrades purchased over the intervening period. Today I also purchased a current upgrade key (on checking the Diffraction website I found I was eligible for a reduced price upgrade). Having installed the original disk onto the new laptop, I’m asked to fill in the User Registration details, however none appear to work. Has anyone else resolved this issue. I’ve also posted on the Diffraction forum, with no luck as yet.

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For the latest release of MaxIm DL, V6.20, you should not reinstall the old version from CD, the license keys for your upgrade version are incompatible, and so long that you could not enter by hand.

Uninstall the old version completely then go to C:\Program Files (X86) and delete the entire folder 'Diffraction Limited'.

When you purchased the upgrade you should have been sent an email with a download link to the latest version, v6.20, and a licence file should have been attached to the email as a separate attachment.

Download and install V6.20 from the link and copy the license file attachment to your desktop, or named folder etc, that was attached to the email upgrade notification.

Open MaxIm DL V6 and in the licensing window that appears select the 'load file' option, navigate to wherever you saved the email attachment and click on it load.

That should be all that its necessary.

Post back if you are still having problems, I can PM you the direct download link for V6.20 if needed, might do that now anyway as I have it to hand....




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Hi William

Diffraction got back to me on the forum. Procedure (as you suggested) is to remove all old Diffraction software however once the upgrade key has been purchased you then have to upload the demo version of DL v6.2 (not the full version). On running the demo version load the attached .txt file from Diffraction’s email and it populates the User Registration panel with the required info.


Thanks for your help.

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Glad you are sorted, the reason that Diffraction Limited recommend that you download the demo version is that it is always the latest version available while the link I sent you via PM has to be amended manually, the last three digits are the version number, so if you wanted to download an older version, say v6.12 you have to change the last three digits of the download address from 620 to 612 etc.

Don't forget, if running on Windows 10 go to Programs and Features, open the Features drop-down and enable .Net 3.5, it is installed by default with Win 10 but not enabled, just expand the entry for .Net 3.5 and click on each entry box to enable all the components.

Download and install ASCOM latest platform, that will install and enable automatically .NET 4.x also.

Run MaxIm one-time-only as administrator after installing ASCOM to register with Windows COM interface and allow the scripting controls to operate.

To do this, mouse-right-click the program icon for MaxIm Dl on the desktop and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu, allow MaxIm to open fully for a few moments, close it again and from now on only open MaxIm as a normal user by double clicking the program icon or shortcut etc, not "As Administrator" though you may need to do this again sometime in the future if Windows updates break the link to the COM interface and stops scripting actions within MaxIm.



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