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Lunar 100: nr 99 Ina Caldera

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Ina caldera is among the hardest to observe features in the Lunar 100 list. It is a D-shaped depression of unclear origin. Detailed pictures made by LRO show a peculiar surface. as it is only a 64 meter deep depression it will not show significant contrast when light grazes the surface. However, since the albedo of Ina is significantly brighter than the surroundings it shows reasonably well when the sun is high over the lunar surface.

Dimensions are a mere 2.9 x 1,9 km so high magnification is required.

The image below was taken on September 29th 2018. Using my CFF 300mm f/20 telescope and ASI 174MM camera. Pixel scale is about 0,19" per pixel, or about 350 meter.

enjoy., and feel free to comment.


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What an amazing image. This is the best Ina image I have seen, when I done my Lunar 100 using a 16" dob I looked at every image I could find of the area and found out there are not many on the net.

This is my report of number 99 Ina.

Lying within Lacus Felicitatis this little formation took some seeing. I found out that it only really appeared in moments of good seeing. Lying not far from crater Yangel I could only see this caldera by inserting my 4mm Uwan which gave me x457 and letting it drift accross my FOV. In those rare moments I could detect a D shape formation, but could not make out if it was sunken or raised. I could also see a couple of really small craters or hills which were extremely close to Ina.

I think it matches very well.

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9 hours ago, wouterdhoye said:

Stunning image Luc, Now, how am I going to convince my girlfriend I need a 600mm  telescope ?


Just show her what she's missing with the wonderful image provided by @CATLUC ?

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