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Apollo's Finest Hour.


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It was the finest era of modern rocketry the Apollo craft with its five massive J-1 engines was without a doubt a true beast. The engine itself produced more power that every river in North America combined. All we have left are movies of this fine era. Which dont due justice to the chest rattling thunder it produced during launch. My hat goes off to the people that worked on Apollo. It was the most complex machine of its time. However I would have enjoyed watching a Apollo - Nova launch. And a special congradulations for Gene Kranz. He didnt ask what the "Aquarius" module was designed to do, he asked what can it do. Bringing the astronauts home in a life boat and what a life boat, and that was truly nasa's finest hour.

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Wonderful times they were. I only recently found out that the Apollo series of videos can no longer be got from my local library.

I borrowed them on a fairly regular basis, just to refresh my memory of the tremendous achievements by all involved with the Apollo series of moon landings. It just shows how quickly apathy can creep in, and lack of interest takes over.

Well, I would not dishonour those people by letting myself forget. They inspired me a hell of a lot.

Ron. :hello2:

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I was 9 years old when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moons surface and can honestly say that the Apollo missions and the Mercury and Gemini missions that paved the way for them are amongst the highest achievements of mankind IMHO.

I managed to pick up a DVD set history of the NASA manned spaceflight missions (Mercury to the Shuttle) last year and watch them frequently - including sharing them with my children which I feel is important.

Our 2 visits to Kennedy Space Centre are the highlights for me of our USA holidays over the past 8 years.

Another great resource is the double video set "Moonshot - The Inside Sotry of the Apollo Project" which tells the story of the programme through Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton and includes a lot of footage that I had not seen previously.

Truly stirring stuff :hello1:


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It's hard to think that next month it iss 40 years since Apollo 8 went to the Moon, an amazing feat too and then the Moon Landing itself next year. I still think a Saturn 5 is more awesome than a Shuttle launch - nice video link BTW.

Apollo inspire my love of astronomy that has kept going all these years and when I have met Apollo astronauts I thank them for what they did, because it allows me to do what I do.


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Ditto for me too, I was 13 when Neil set foot on the Moon, I remember it like it was yesterday, the whole family was glued to the box watching. I don't know what's happened to our collective spirit since then. Man (including women of course) was meant to explore. If it wasn't for the innovators and explorers we would still be sitting in caves lighting fires by rubbing two sticks together.

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