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How much should i sell my dob for?

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Im not sure where to put this thread but im thinking about selling my 200p dob as i don't use it at all. However i am unsure on what i should be selling it for. I have the stock eyepieces and also i bought a finder scope for it  which was one of the sky watcher ones, and also a telrad which i think the adhesive has worn. I was also going to put turn left at orion and interstellarium the desktop version bundled with it.


What do you think i should be looking to get?

Thanks For the help


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Depending on condition I would normally say around 60-70% of the original price as a rough guide. Some items will be less and some a little more just depending. I also like to check any previous sales as an indication of resell price.



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As above, 60-70% of the new price seems to be the "going rate", assuming that all is in good, clean and fully working condition.


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Posted (edited)

The 2/3rd rule would not always apply. Condition is one consideration and how badly you wish to part with it is another.

Since an 8" Dob can be purchase around $355.00 brand new, I can see parties interested in only paying perhaps $100 to $175 for a used one, assuming it is in good, working  condition. Worse condition and the value drops dramatically. Just my two cents. I would choose to buy a new one before I would pay $200 for one that has been owned and used for a few years. I occasionally see ads of people trying to sell their used 8" Dobsonian (Meade, Orion, etc) on Craigslist for more than a brand new one costs. I assume they are hoping to find that one ignorant buyer that has more money than brains. The scopes never sell and remain listed until they are either taken down by the seller or expired by Craigslist. I have even seen some barnyard-stored wonders on there, complete with dust filled tube, dirty primary and cruddy all around, as well as dented and with broken finder scope, all with an asking price of 2/3 or more of new price. In those cases it is more likely seller ignorance.

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