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AZ-EQ5 DEC motor control board.


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Hi guys.

just a word of warning, if you decide to do maintenance on your mount like I did, for example greasing you dec motor worm gear, I advise you don’t turn the motor with your fingers, I did and believe I turned in to a generator and fed a voltage back into the control pcb. Now the dec board is dead. I’ve tested th motor on on th R.A. Board and it works fine. The R.A. motor doesn’t work on the dec board either. I’ve teste all the leads going in and out of the board for continuity all good there. I’ve tested that there is power going in to the board, there is but ther is no power coming out to feed the motor, unlike the R.A. which a constant voltage going out to its motor and the R.A. works fine I’ve reset the handset to factory settings too thinking I may have just of upset the encoder but no luck there.

so I’m certain it’s the DEC control board that knackered. Great stuff. Luckily they are only £42 from Ian king great stuff, NOT they have to order it from the manufacturer and that’s going to take 4 months. 

Im going to try other places but its not looking good. Rother valley optics dont keep them in. 

Anybody got any ideas who may have one?

its going to be a long 4 months otherwise.

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I doubt very much, that you could turn the motor by hand fast enough to generate a reverse voltage that would blow the driver chips (they do have in-built reverse protection), so you must have done something else to blow it....

what mount manufacturer btw ?  if Skywatcher, you could try Optical Vision Ltd. the importer

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When I did the the light greasing of the worm gear nothing was connected. No power cables no hand controls, I was very careful  not to damage anything, but I did wind the motor by hand fairly fast just so I could spread grease around the gearing no metal tools were used apart from a small Phillips screwdriver to take the cover off. All the cables are good inside and out.

the worm gear moves freely so does the motor the belt is not tight or too loose. I have no idea what has caused it to not work. 

The ascom driver seems to think it’s working because the position readout alters when I slew it on the program. When I park it it has to wait until the readout Winds back to the home coordinations.

I will try optical vision see if they keep any in stock.

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