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This stuck me as the correct forum to post this.

I have been working on loading some light pollution data into Google Earth in the form of image overlays. They are basically coloured contour maps showing the magnitude of stars visible from almost any location. The screenshot below shows what they look like loaded into Google Earth.

At the moment I have only converted data for Europe and to get the desired resolution in data without producing massive files - I have split europe up into 9 zones (A1-C3). Each zone is available to download as a Goole Earth .kmz file from my website (see signature below). Of course it goes without saying that you'll also need to download google earth to use these. To use the files - download them onto your hard drive, open Goole earth, then go to File-->Open and locate the file - it should open up in your "Temporary Places" section.

The individual files have been created (with permission) from data collected by Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologia dell'Inquinamento Luminoso - http://www.lightpollution.it/dmsp/


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