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Dew heaters and built-in dew shields

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Hi All,

I've got a 2 channel dew heater coming. It occurs to me how you make one work with something like the Williams Optics and Astro Professional sliding dew sheilds?

I always thought the bands had to be over the lens cell?

I must admit, I've never used a dew heater before, so any advice welcome!



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The dew heater tape sits about an inch behind the corrector plate on my 8" LX90. This is because the dew shield needs 2" of OTA to "grip" properly. I was a bit concerned that the "rear placement" pf the dew heater tape would reduce its effectiveness, but I have found it works just fine.


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Not meaning to hijack the thread but...............

If i knew then what i know now.

I bought a combined shield/heater for my lx200. It works beautifully and i havent even seen a drop of condensation on the front element. The trouble is i would like some kind of counterbalance system to offset my dslr but it seems they all need to be mounted to the ota using the screws around the front and back of the scope and you cant cut the shield away at these points as it would mean cutting through the element :hello2: .

Any one come across this too?

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