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Do I need to retake my flats

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My camera slightly rotated on the filter wheel today as I was handling the scope. It was just a fraction, and I have moved it back to the usual spirit level position. Will I need to retake my flats ? - My image train is fairly clean, but will vignetting be affected ?

If now I take some more images on a target I have been working on, will I have to stack two sets with respective flats ?



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If it was me I'd retake flats next time out. In fact, I shoot flats every filter every time anyway. But last night I really couldn't be bothered and just carried the whole setup in with the intention of doing them during the day.

I suppose it depends how much time you put in on a target? Do you really want to chance dumping 6 hours worth of great data after a rare clear night if theres a few specks of dust out of line?


For piece of mind, you could shoot a quick set and stack them and compare against your originals?

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