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Hello! From Poland!

Tom Czernik

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Hello All!

My name is Thomas Czernik, I live in the "Zabrze". The town is in southern Poland. Astronomy interested in a long time.

I have a telescope Sky-watcher SK1309EQ2 Reflector 130/900 (+ accessories), I have a laptop Gericom, and digital camera Olympus SP510UZ.

I hope that this forum is a nice atmosphere :D

Greetings from Poland! 8)

PS. For any errors in my posts sorry!

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Czesc Tomasz :help:

My family came from Warszawa just after WWII. I've been to Lublin, Krakow and Zakopane (usually for 'Tydzien Kultury Beskidskiej')many times. I've not been to Zabrze...I speak the lingo too, but this forum doesn't have the Polish alphabet on it as far as I am aware :D .

Hey Ian and Kai (Steve), we met over a crowded field at Kelling....You didn't tell me you chaps had Polish links! :lol:


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