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Another HADS star from the study Dave has introduced to me - new V filter in place now as well. GSC 03004-00870 in UMa.

Quite a non-descript field, and had to again go hunting for reference stars using the APASS v9 photometric catalogue - everything here is over magnitude 12... Curve looks OK - instrumental flux steadily dropped throughout the evening - suspect I might have had a little misting of mirrors, but good enough for the result. I must connect up my secondary dew heater...



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On 15/02/2019 at 10:56, coatesg said:

Another HADS star from the study Dave has introduced to me - new V filter in place now as well. GSC 03004-00870 in UMa.

Great result!

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    • By coatesg
      A run at capturing V416 UMa this evening, which is a short period HADS (~1.52hrs) - it's a faint one (mag 13.9-14.5 from my results) and I wanted to have a go at using the G filter and see what kind of exposure is required for this kind of magnitude star. (I have a Johnson V but haven't had chance to take the FW apart to install as yet and to refocus the OAG as a result)
      I ended up using 120sec exposures - it'll be interesting to see if this is fine enough to use for timing studies (will await feedback...). Using the APASS DR9 figures for the check stars (from VizieR), I get reasonably close figures, so think that the exposures are about right given the lack of brightness for this one - just whether the timing is good enough. (For some reason I can't get the absolute magnitudes out of AIJ to plot - not sure why?)
      Shame the clouds rolled in at the end and prevented me from getting the rise back to maximum to complete the whole cycle - I wasn't that far off...! (the points at the end of the run go completely haywire as a result of the decreased and variable flux). 

    • By coatesg
      Preliminary results from a 3h40m run on V799 Aur last night - this is a HADS star with period 1.83 hrs. Autofocus had a slight blip in the middle where there's an 8 min gap or so, but got the period, and the slightly odd shape nicely. AIJ complained about the red ref star - need to check saturation levels on that. These were all 7sec exposures - unflitered exposures need to be so short, even at mag 10.something to stop saturating the stars!

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