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Rotating Newt OTA within Tube Rings

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Hi Guys

What are the tricks to make rotating the newtonian  OTA within the tube rings during an observing session an easy operation?

I seem to have so much difficulty rotating the OTA even with the tube clamps loosened.

Is there any method to make this a less frictionless manouvere?

Thanks Guys

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One trick is to add a 3rd tube ring just above the uppermost one. You can keep the 3rd one tight and the other two looser (but not very loose) and the 3rd ring stops the tube sliding down though the rings and with a little PTFE tape on the edge acts as a bearing as you rotate the tube of the scope.

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This is my solution to this little problem...

I used a piece of electrical cable trunking, specifically the cover, and held it in place with a Jubilee clip. It's all very light and cheap, and the plastic is fairly low-friction so it rotates quite easily.



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