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A newbie from Aylesbury

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Hi All,

I've been 'keen' on Astronomy ever since a youngster. Got first Telescope when I was 7 and a copy of P. Moore's Amateur Astromomer. It wasn't a big scope so lets not dwell on that here. (I've been optically challenged ever since.)

Anyway I built a 6in newtonian for a school project, suggested by my Physics teacher after he caught me using a couple of lab clamps, a concave mirror etc. to make an ad hoc scope to peer into the girls common room!! It worked but the clip round the ear I got (it was legal then) hurt for days.

Did Astrophysics as part of my Undergrad studies but ended up needing to earn money so after Uni I moved into Electronics.

Since then I have 'dabbled' in night sky using mainly a pair of Birdwatching bins and Spotting scope. (Birdwatching as you may have gathered is also a hobby, though nowadays its the feathered variety.)

Now coming up to date I have a bonus coming from the company and I plan to buy a scope and get 'out there' with all the frostbitten scryers and seek new worlds!!

This way I can peer down a scope all day and all night, sleep! pah who needs it.

Anyway anyone else in the Bucks/Beds/Herts area?

best regards,


PS: I understand the correct valediction is 'Dark Skies'? But I'm personally very worried by Dark Matter because you can't see it coming.

PPS: If PsychoBilly dips his eye in here I would be interested in hearing about his CPC800XLT as this is my current choice of scope to purchase and I would welcome advice on its use/luggability/imaging etc.

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Hi Bon.

Welcome to SGL...

Psychobilly has dipped his eye in here...:D

To be absolutely honest I havent done much with the CPC800XLT since I have started Imaging... well thats not strictly true as it gets used as a guide scope for a Megrez 72 which sits on top of the CPC800XLT in 5" guiderings ...

The CPC is a nice scope but with the benefit of hindsight - I didn't dream of having an obs and pier Christmas time last year when i bought the CPC800XLT

I would probably have bougth a scope on a GEM rather than the CPC on its ALT AZ fork mount... but the mount does mean that I can use the scope int he fiedl fairly easily and I have a field wedge that I can use for darkskies astro work.

Thats enough for the Welcome thread we'll continue this discussion in another thread in say ... equipment discussion... post some questions about the CPC800 in there and i'll do my best to answer them...


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Welcome to SGL bon,

I am quite near you in Rickmansworth, although I am sure your skies benefit from being slightly further out 'in the sticks', so to speak.

Enjoy your stay.


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