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Green And Blue Area ..why?

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Hi, Done a quick process of 4 x 900sec Images captured recently of the Horsehead Nebula.  Just wondering why have a small area of blue and Green as shown circled. These only show up on the Grren Image Tif and Blue Tif.  Captured on Atik 460ex , Mono, -10 I know the image is not great, one of the stacked iamges has a plane flying through, but appreciate any ideas as to what the green/ blue patches are.





RGB color.jpg

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Cracking split on Alnitak!

Like Mike above, I think these will be internal reflections of Alnitak or possibly that surprisingly bright multiple in the top of the image. I forget its designation. The displacement would arise from the wavelength or the angle of the blue and green filters or some such effect.

I'd probably just use the green layer to patch the blue and the blue to patch the green.


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