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Eagle3 by Primalucelab

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Hey guys,

few weeks ago I got myself the EAGLE3 by Primaluce Lab as a replacement of my 8 year old laptop to control my whole setup. Even though I'm saving up for a new mount this was my priority as my laptop refused to start when the battery, optical drive or keyboard were connected so I always had to remove the keyboard, start the laptop and then reconnect it and I was really afraid that it's gonna die on me and I wouldn't be able to shoot. 

Even though I'm not promoting it in this review I should disclose that I got it for better price as I'm working with Primalucelab on Instagram. 

I got the EAGLE3 Q which is the same as the base model but with slightly better cpu. It has Intel pentium 1,5GHz quadcore cpu, 4GB of ram and 120GB SSD. The build quality is excellent, I already had their Sesto Senso motorised focuser and I knew that they're doing a great job building these things. The body is anodized aluminium with red finish and the bottom and top parts are filled with holes for easy mounting of it in whatever way you wish to do it. The sides are full of USB ports (4x2.0 + 4x3.0), it has three ports for heating and the back has 4 power outputs for powering your gear. 

The Eagle has Windows 10 Enterprise edition and on startup it launches their control software, so you can decide what to power and what ports will be active. It took me a while to get everything ready for imaging as I had to install all drivers, and programs. The only problem I had was with SGP not seeing my mount but it turned out I forgot to install driver for the RS-232 to USB converter, after that it worked flawlessly. Then I spent couple of nights just catching some bugs in form of tweaking settings.

Integrating it into my imaging train was quite easy and I've decided to sandwich it between my main telescope and guidescope, probably most used type of integration. I got mine with better power adapter which can provide sufficient power to the eagle so it can power other things like camera cooler and ZWO power adapter. I'm planning on getting a new mount soon so I'll be getting power cable for it too and also for the focuser so my setup will have just one power cable coming out of it. The cable management with this thing is awesome. No hanging cables anymore and I got rid of the power brick for my ASI camera which I had attached with velcro to one of the tripod legs and it had bad habit of falling and pulling on my telescope while imaging.  

Pros: It is durable, quite fast pc, it can control your whole setup and cable managing is great with it. 

Cons: Definitely price, there are way cheaper options like ASIAIR. So far I haven't figured out how to reliably control it with TeamViewer without it loosing the connection so I'm forced to use Remote desktop. Also my unit hat only 40GBs of storage when I got it and the rest was locked in hidden partition but this was fixed immediately when I contacted the tech support.

I really love this thing as it solved the problems I had with my old pc and I finally control everything remotely. The cable management is as I've said awesome and build quality too. BUT to be completely honest I wouldn't get it for the full price, I was actually looking for a miniPC something like Intel nuc which is half the price. What I'm trying to say is that with a little bit more work and a few compromises, you can get quite close to the Eagle with cheaper alternatives. On the other hand, the Eagle is made for astrophotography and it will make things much easier. 

I hope this can help out some people who are considering purchasing this thing and I also hope I didn't butcher the English too much 😁

Here is the timelapse from the first night where everything worked as it should be, completely controlled by the eagle.



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There's at least a couple of us on here who didn't have such good experiences with the Eagle 2 unfortunately.  It's a good concept and is, in fact, a NUC inside with a power board (with the 4 USB2 ports on it) made by PLL added and connected via a USB 2 header on the NUC.

When working they are very good, but the downside is the firmware in the NUC is not within PLL control, and this was where my biggest issues were, which in the end made it completely unusable as a remote option as they had no way of fixing the problems so it had to be returned.

Personally I would stick with RDP and not see it as an unfortunate option to Team Viewer not working.  With W10 Enterprise it will be much more stable as they are designed to work together.

Lovely looking though, as with all the PLL gear.

Nice time lapse :thumbright:


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