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Suitable Pier height ???

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Following on from my screen fence thread, a pier may be the  next logical step....

It will be a steel fabricated one and buried in the ground or bolted to a foundation, not sure yet.
I aim to leave it outside under a cover, no observatory for now.

This is for visual only and with a refractor and sometime an SCT.

So what height etc.

At present a 120mm - 150mm diameter or square section with a top plate of steel is my thinking,
height at the tripod height I often use is 1200mm. is this a sensible height or too low?

Your thoughts and experience will as always be appreciated.
Any experience shared, or images too will be very much of help.

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I'm in the same position Alan.  

It is a tricky decision if you want to use a selection of scopes   ( long refractors, short SCT's)  and a selection of objects  ( stars/DSOs~ relatively high altitude ,  planets ~ relatively low ).

One thing to add to the thread in terms of the decision making process,  is the available extensions that you can get for mounts. 

HEq5's can have a solid 16" extension added, whereas for NEQ6's it is only an 8" tube.   Depending on your mount, this could mean you go can go shorter on the pier, and future-proof your set-up.




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1100mm / 1200mm is a reasonable compromise I think, better too low than too high as you can always fit / remove an extension depending on the scope fitted.

I have a couple of piers around the 1100mm height one is adjustable, although I do occasionally end up standing on a small stool when viewing stuff down low.


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Slightly tangential to the question, but I have a long length of air con tubing within your size range that is going free to anyone who wants to collect it. Similar to what I used for my concrete-filled pier but longer and of smaller diameter. 

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1 minute ago, x6gas said:

Ah, OK mate I am looking for something a bit bigger - 8" diameter or so, I think.  Thanks for the reply, though and very generous offer!

No worries. Hope you find what you're looking for

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