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Walking on the Moon

Imaging by Moonlight...


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It's great to see a system actually doing the job it was put together for.

No operator in sight, but the electronics controlling everything purring away. A real meaningful image. Wonderful.

Richie, I look forward to seeing the photons that were collected, transformed into the superb Image you are hoping for.

Ron. :D

Just been for a looksee. I love it. Well done Richie

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Actually I've been thinking about this image since it really does capture that 'special something' about astronomy. I mean, we all get to look at the amazing images that people manage to capture of nebulae and the planets, but there's kind of a gulf there between how you practice astronomy and the end result.

The other type of photography here is of our telescopes or when we're at events. Whilst they're interesting to look at (for us), I'm sure that for many people pictures of men in bobble-hats with expensive coloured pipes makes what we do look a bit dull (ha! what do they know?)

But I think that this picture by Richie has captured something that we've all experienced whilst enjoying a nights observing.

As a suggestion (and this is just a suggestion) how about trying to produce some photographs that capture the essence of astronomy, like the one above? We're always having to explain to beginners that they won't see all the colours of the dumbell with a 3" frac, but how about for the year of astronomy trying to produce some pictures that represent that special something we enjoy about the hobby? Something to point to and say "that's astronomy".

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I have only just noticed the Faint circular disc in the Image. It is probably a lens reflection from the bright light on the right, but to me it is like a ghost moon which seems to fit in with the rest of the scene. A sort of accidental prop. as it were. Of course, as there are stars in the foreground it makes a nonsense of that Idea.:D


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