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W&W Astro are on ebay as "Dewheater".  They sell dew heater bands and cables.

I have bought several heater bands from them.  All have arrived quickly, worked perfectly and are very competitively priced.  My latest purchase is a heater to wrap around the secondary mirror of my Newtonian scopes - it works a treat.

It's good to see a small supplier entering the market and doing such a good job.

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Credit where due...

I ordered another dew heater from Barbara at W&W Astro Dew Heaters and whilst out for a short while one of my boxers (The Mischievous one) decided to chew the package and destroy the heater.

I made a quick call to Barbara just to check the polarity and she very kindly said she would send me a replacement free of charge!

Originally bought of fleabay at : - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/W-W-Astro-dew-heater-40-cm-for-5-telescope/192323865878

But you can purchase direct from her at the following: -

W&W Astro
Tel: - 07449065886

Couldn't ask for better service :-)

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Amazing, amazing service from Barbara at W&W Astro.

Contacted her about a dew shield for my telescope. She messaged back right away and over the course of the following hours exchanged a number of messages with her, sorting out exactly what I needed.

Nothing was too much trouble and having decided on what I wanted, it was received the very next day. She messaged me too saying if I needed any adjustments just to let her know.

Cannot say enough about this wonderful service, and would recommend Barbara at W&W for all your dew shield and dew heater needs.

Amazing !!!! 

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I needed extra dew bands for my new set up. Initially ones for the Starlok cameras, today I needed to add some extra ones for the main OTA and the 60mm AA Finderscope. Immediate service! I've been using my camera one.

Barbara's design is very rugged  and I have been using them for a number of years with no brokeb connections.


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Just received my second round of Dew heaters from W & W.

These are absolutely the best I've seen - really well made, nicely adjustable and with good quality connectors. Also got the USB connector which allows the band to be driven by a usb power pack which adds greatly to the convenience.

And service is superb, I ordered on Saturday and they dropped through my door on Monday - and I live in the West of Ireland! And finished off with a nice personalised, hand written note from Barbara. Call me a dinosaur but in this day and age that just makes my day.


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Ordered one from them to fit my Esprit 150 last Friday having read 2 favourable reviews, it arrived today (Wed 9 October), and would agree that they appear to be well made and of good quality, superior to the Kendrick ones of which a have a couple.

I wouldn't however give them 10 out of 10 on customer service, I initially asked by email what size I should purchase to fit my Esprit 150, which has a dewshield 8in or 203 mm in diameter, but didn't receive any reply after several days. In the end I decided to order the 8in model, but found that it is a bit on the big side, and could have probably saved myself a bit of money by going for the 6 or 7in version, however I'm not bothering to send it back to exchange for a smaller size.


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