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Walking on the Moon

Histogram question


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Here is what the histogram looked like for my raw subs:


What does this mean about the exposure length? Is it too long?

This is the final image from these subs:


If the exposure lengths were too long, would this have been a much better image if I used shorter subs? Or would it not be that much affected?


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Applying regular photographic understanding, that histogram suggests that the exposure was a little long (you don't have a true black) so could've been shortened slightly for greater hilight detail. Overall though that is an excellent histogram and a fantastic image :D

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If the histogram is to the right edge like that, you've lost highlight detail to burn out, which is what has happened to the two large stars showing there. Whether that's wrong or not... I don't know, to my inexperienced eyes, it looks fine.

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Ideally yes I suppose but its almost inevitable when you have stars in the image as they will "burnout" after realtively short exposures but then you won't have any fainter detail...


John & Steve got there first :help:

I would certainly stick with what your doing as it's a cracking image... :D

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