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Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

Carl M

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I've never really had a proper go at the Orion nebula, but since it's above the house now at a good time in the evening I thought I'd give it ago. Still can't seem to get the colour balance right with the modded dslr and Astronomik CCD-CLS filter, it still looks a bit too red in my opinion.

This was 2 hours worth of 5 minute subs at ISO800. 20 x 15 seconds for the core.

Full spectrum 1000D, Quattro 8s on an EQ6. Processed in Photoshop.


If anyone has any advice on removing the red cast I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for looking,


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looks good to me, if you want to lower the red channel a little, it should be easy in photoshop using either the colour balance or selecting the red channel and lowering it a little with the sliders in levels or curves, look at the histogram with all channels selected and you`ll see if the red is overdone

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I think your picture is fantastic the way it is.

I've seen a lot of renditions on Twitter lately where people are using this colour approach.

It really lends itself to detail, and your image has tons of that ?


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Thanks all, I thought the darker dust seemed a bit red and the stars also seemed overly red which made me think there was a red cast to the whole image. Most images I saw the dust was more of a chocolatey brown colour.

@Singlin I think your first post is similar to what I had in mind. I've been playing with levels and colour balance a bit more last night and I think I'm happy with this for now.


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